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Divorce – Although divorce can be stressful and difficult, our attorney is experienced at facilitating the process and helping people get through their divorce cases as efficiently and favorably as possible.In addition to overseeing traditional divorce cases, our Colorado Springs family lawyer is also skilled at resolving common law divorces, divorces involving extensive marital property or debt, etc.

Grandparents’ Rights – Being aware of what grandparent rights entail and how to go about asserting them can be critical to preserving the relationship between a grandparent and child. When grandparents need help asserting their any of their rights, they can rely on our Colorado Springs family lawyer fight on their behalf and help advance their interests in these cases.

Domestic Violence – Domestic violence and child abuse can be devastating. False allegations of such abuse can also be ruinous. While victims of domestic violence and abuse can count on our Colorado Springs family lawyer to help them get the legal protections they need, people falsely accused of abuse can also rely on our attorney to help them protect their reputations, set the record straight and shed light on false allegations.

Child Custody and Child Support – Child custody issues, including parenting time and child support, can be some of the most contentious parts of divorce cases. They can also continue to create issues for people well after their divorces have been finalized.When you need help dealing with any custody-related issues, including modifications to existing custody orders, you can turn to our Colorado Springs family lawyer for experienced help asserting your rights and interests.

Mediation Legal Services -

In addition to overseeing various types of family law cases, our Colorado Springs family lawyer is also an experienced, certified mediator who can:

  • Facilitate mediation for family law cases

  • Help people prepare for mediation so they can realize the most benefits from this process.

The bottom line is that, when you entrust your important family law matters to Wheelock & Associates, P.C., you can be confident that you will have a dedicated, skilled and trusted attorney on your side who will work diligently to help you obtain the best possible resolution to your case or situation.

Adoption – While adoption can be a rewarding experience, it can also be a difficult process to get through. Our attorney has extensive experience helping people navigate the complexities of the adoption process so that they can start focusing on what matters more – welcoming a child into their family.


At Wheelock & Associates, P.C., helping you resolve your family law issues as favorably as possible is our central goal. When you entrust our Colorado Springs family lawyer to oversee your legal matters, you can trust that you will receive; Aggressive legal advocacy from a tough and respected litigator, Personalized and compassionate legal services, along with the best possible representation throughout the course of your case. ​As a former judge and a certified mediator, our Colorado Springs family lawyer has the experience, skills, dedication and legal knowledge you can rely on to help you bring your family legal issues to a successful resolution.  




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